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    Barbados Business Visa Requirements For Nigerians

    Barbados Business Visa Requirements For Nigerians

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    Barbados Overview

    Barbados is an island in the Caribbean, northeast of Venezuela that is often portrayed as the Little Britain of the Caribbean because of its long association with the UK as a British colony.

    Though some say there is no technical visa requirement to Barbados from Nigerian but it is practically impossible for Nigerians to visit Barbados. There is no Barbadian embassy in Nigeria, except the one in Lagos and it is understood by a lot of people that Nigerians do NOT need visas to visit there. But, it is practically impossible to get there without transiting through several countries that do require visas, also Barbadian immigration officials at the airport are very strict, easily refusing entry if they are suspicious of somebody coming from a country like Nigeria as a 'tourist' and intending to stay and work in Barbados.

    A visa for Barbadian is a stamp or sticker label placed by visa officials of Barbados on your passport that lets you take a trip to Barbados. For Nigerians, Barbadian visa is not required. The primary reasons for entry to Barbados from Nigeria are usually business, tourism or on a transit to another country. You will also find Different types of Barbadian visas available to residents of Nigeria based on your nationality, purpose of your several trips and time-span of your visit.

    Eligibility requirements for Barbados Business Visa

    To be eligible, you must prove that:

    You are representing your company, your country for business conference or meeting

    The business must have a specified duration

    Show Confirmation letter from your travel health insurance for Bahamas declaring the insurance coverage and one copy

    Business references (letter from your employer, invitation from company or organization in Bahamas)

    Proof of group travel/ accommodation reservation in Bahamas / flight ticket reservation for Bahamas and one copy

    You’ll need to enter the reference number on your visa application.

    You will also need to show evidence of previous business transaction

    Documents Required for Barbadian business Visa for Nigerians

    Please check the relevant information below. You will need to provide as many documents as required.

    When you visit you need to provide:

     Passport size photographs
     Valid national passport and one copy
     Your most current bank statement and one copy
     Confirmation letter from your holiday insurance for Barbados stating the policy coverage and one copy
     Business references (letter from your company, invite from company or organization in Barbados)
     Proof of group travel/ hotel reservation in Barbados / air ticket reservation for Barbados and one copy

    Important information for Barbados Business Visa

    Nigerians do not require a visa to enter Barbados. However, if you need a visa to enter Barbados, you might be able to apply for one at a British embassy, high commission or consulate in the country where you legally reside if there is no Barbadian diplomatic post.

    Usually Nigerians get detained at the airport & bundled into the next available flight out of Barbados. Though, Nigerians don't need a Visa into Barbados, despite that Nigerians get detained like some illegal animals at the airport. Every person entering Barbados, including a Nigerians, should be in possession of a valid passport and a valid return ticket.

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