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    Brunei Visa Requirements For Nigerians

    Brunei Visa Requirements For Nigerians

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    Brunei Overview

    Brunei is a pint-sized and fabulously wealthy oil-rich sultanate with a population of just under half a million, if illegal immigrants from countries such as Indonesia and the Philippines are included.

    It is a member of the Commonwealth and has good education and hygiene.
    The population is devoutly Muslim.

    It's surrounded by Malaysia and has two parts physically separated by Malaysia, almost being an enclave. Strategically located on the South China Sea, close to vital sea lanes linking Indian and Pacific Oceans, it has an exclusive economic fishing zone that extends as far as Louisa Reef in the southern Spratly Islands although it makes no public territorial claim to the offshore reefs.

    Eligibility requirements for Brunei General Visa

    If you require a visa to enter Brunei, you might be able to apply for one at a British embassy, high commission or consulate in the country where you legally reside if there is no Bruneian foreign mission

    Cost / Fees for Brunei General Visa

    British diplomatic posts charge £50 to process a Bruneian visa application and an extra £70 if the authorities in Brunei require the visa application to be referred to them. The authorities in Brunei can also decide to charge an additional fee if they correspond with you directly.

    Important information for Brunei General Visa

    Brunei tourist visa is not required for citizens of Nigeria for a stay up to 14 days.

    Proof of return or onward travel is required to check in for your flight to Brunei. If you plan to leave by ferry you will need to purchase a cheap flight out of Brunei before you arrive there.

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