Our Process

We offer members three different options to choose from. These options include Newbie, Experienced Traveller and Travel Agent. A newbie is a member that has never travelled outside of the country before or has only been to one or two countries. An experienced traveller is a member that has travelled to 3 or more countries in the last 2 years including Europe and North America. A travel agent is a member that has not only travelled to 3 or more countries but also made a living by providing travel resources and guidance.

All membership options can be altered but only verified members can connect in a closed platform. To become verified as an experienced traveller or travel agent, you will need to send private documents to our team for processing. You will also need to have a full profile completed for us to carry out the due diligence on you. For more information, please contact verification@travellounge.ng

Our verified Travel Agent and Experience Travellers are given special rights to modify and edit certain documents on the site. In addition, only our experienced traveller and travel agents can answer questions on the site. Our travel agents are also given the opportunity to list their business in a Travel Marketplace provided by our platform.