Our Platform

Our platform comprises of different sections. We have a Visa & Immigration, Travel Experience, Question and Answer and Trip Planner tabs.

Share an experience

Sharing travel experience is a key component of our business. We have created a tool that allows members to share their travelling experiences using a seamless approach. Members will be able to share their notable moments, visa processing procedures as well as give advice to prospective visitors to that country.

Trip Planner

The trip planner enables members of the community to organize a group trip to any country of their choice. Members will be able to create a travel plan and share with the community. Anyone interested in the trip can follow the member and further discuss on what activities to engage in.

Ask a question

The question and answer tab allows a member to ask category specific questions. Only an experienced traveller and travel agent can answer questions on the platform.

Visa and Immigration

Our visa and immigration section allows a member to gain an insight into what documents are required for visas and immigration to a particular country of their choice. It was designed to ease the first process of Visa processing. Members can quickly navigate to a Country of their choice, selecting a specific travel purpose

Find a member

Our member search feature allows you to filter travellers by membership type and country of residence. With the member search tool, a potential traveller can look up and connect with a member that has a similar state of origin as well as living in a country of interest.


Our marketplace lets you provide a paid service to any member of the community. It is a tool developed for our Travel Agents and experienced travellers (Nigerians living in Diaspora). It allows members to provide a measurable service at a reduced rate when compared to the market price. For instance, a Nigerian in Diaspora can provide temporary accommodation to a newbie visiting a country for two weeks at a reduced rate compared to using a hotel reservation, etc. The primary idea behind the marketplace is to connect prospective travellers in Nigeria with Nigerians living in Diaspora.