Our core service at Travel Lounge is to provide an environment where travellers can share, connect as well as learn what it takes to Travel from Nigeria to any country of their choice. Ranging from Visa & Immigration requirements, to travel experiences and Q& A sections, we hope to provide the resources and tools that will minimise travel anxiety while encouraging a DIY approach to travelling outside of the country.

For this to happen, we are committed to providing a highly moderated platform designed to build trust and unity. As such, only verified users can connect privately on our platform. For this to happen, our team performs a thorough due diligence on all members before a closed connection is made available. This is to ensure travellers meet with people of high integrity and reliability. Verification of this nature could last for weeks or months depending on a member’s corporate and social profile.

Along with this, we also aim to provide guidance on general travel requirements for Nigerians as a whole. Using our country specific visa requirement tool, members can browse through the visa requirements for a specific purpose and country of their choice within a snapshot. This will help our newbies become familiar with Travel terminologies (Visa, Immigration, Study Permit, Work Permit, etc.) and engage in purposeful conversation on the platform.

Lastly, we hope to provide Travel Agents and experienced Nigerian travellers living in Diaspora a revenue stream through our marketplace tool. Our members can provide a unique service at a reduced rate when compared to the market price. For instance, a Nigerian in Diaspora can provide temporary accommodation to a newbie visiting a country for two weeks at a reduced rate when compared with making a hotel reservation, etc.